Many professionals such as doctors and engineers have long had insurance available for them to function with the peace of mind that they are adequately insured should any mishap occur. Today that same kind of professional insurance is available for professionals within the motor trade business. There are policies for garage mechanics and dealership owners, there are even policies available for those people that park cars, either full time or even a part time motor trade insurance solution, and there are policies for people who clean cars or just change the wheels on a car. In fact today, by going to an insurance company that specializes in moto trade insurance, a motor trade professional can have a policy designed to specifically match whatever it is that they do. Having this type of insurance cover does not just give the motor trade professional peace of mind but, also allows them to be seen as being a true professional, someone that can be trusted to with their car.

Although many people see insurance as being a fairly new concept, insurance of sorts has in fact been around for thousands of years, only not so common or diverse in nature. The Babylonians as far back as 1750 BC were known to use the concept of insurance as they would allow their merchants to pay more on their loans for transporting their goods, in order that the loan would be dissolved should the freight be lost at sea. Perhaps even earlier than that, the Chinese had adopted a similar system for their merchants but it wasn’t until after the Great Fire of London in 1666 that people, other than merchants could receive insurance. The Genoa merchants had adapted the Babylonian system of insurance in 1347, allowing several merchants to band together and together covering the costs of any one of their number which happened to lose freight at sea but only after the great fire was it possible to insure such things as homes or buildings. During the great fire, at least 13,000 buildings were destroyed and so it was only then that people realized a need for building insurance and almost straight away, 5000 buildings were insured. In the meantime, still in London, by 1680, Edward Lloyd had set up a coffee shop where merchants could be introduced to landowners who were prepared to insure them.

Of course today it is not necessary for any merchant or anyone else for that matter, to go to a coffee shop to transact their business, now there are an abundance of insurance offices all around the country plus, eager insurance agents who are prepared to come out, either your residence or place of work, in order to offer you a policy. Unless those agents work for an insurance company that specializes in motor trade insurance though, they are probably unlikely to be able to offer you a tailor made policy, rather just a ‘one fits all’ motor trade policy which is unsuitable for most motor trade professionals.

This is a question which many people wish they could know, before going on a very nervous interview with a loans officer at one of the many lending establishments. Although there are many various establishments that can offer you a home loan, not just your bank, their criteria on whether you qualify or not, are very similar. For this reason, loan eligibility calculators have now appeared on the internet. These calculators will evaluate as to whether you will be eligible for a loan from the main lenders. They use the basic same criteria that the banks and other lending establishments use to decide your eligibility. Although of course these different establishments may use small slightly different minor criteria, they all use the same main ones and so, if you are eligible on the internet, as long as you were honest, you should be seen as eligible by at least one of the lenders, saving you an embarrassment of being turned down by all of them.

The calculators and the lenders will take into account the cost of the house, the amount that you would like to borrow and your ability to pay back the loan. The cost of the house obviously matters but why the amount you want to borrow is of so much concern is, no lender will lend you more than 85% of the house’s value, you will always have to find the first 15% unless you can convince the seller to discount you that much but the lender will have the house evaluated to be sure of their investment. To ascertain your ability to pay back the loan, these establishments will take into consideration your PDI. Your PDI is your income after essential expenses like tax has been subtracted plus, they will look at your credit score. A credit score is a number which has been devised to assess your reliability in repaying loans and is worked out by looking at how well you paid back previous loans. If you made some late payments on perhaps a loan you had to buy a car, it will be reflected in your credit score and may hamper your chances of qualifying for a house loan.

Your age is also a factor in many of these establishment’s decisions and that is because, the younger you are, the longer the repayment period could be meaning, each monthly payment may be less. These though, are all factors that the calculators will take into consideration before advising you as to whether or not you will be eligible.

So, the calculator will give you a good overall view of how you stand but, as all of the lenders always add their own little nuances, these cannot be calculated but, usually once you are eligible on the major factors, one or other of the lenders will accept your request. Think first though as, although you may be capable of making those payments each month, will you really want to?

If you’re hoping the ATO won’t pick up on that tax return error, your hopes probably won’t come true. They’re very good at spotting inaccuracies that may require a follow up audit, and if you make mistakes, no matter how innocent, you’re likely to get caught up in that process too. This inevitably results in delays, questions and the need to provide further documents.

There’s a few mistakes that are seen a lot, and here’s the lowdown on them to help you out.

Firstly, know that estimation isn’t your friend and you should rely on it only if desperate. The office will have other sources- like your bank and employer-reporting to them, so they will have access to these numbers yourself. Wait until you receive the official documents you need to make the best possible presentation of the facts to the ATO, as even a relatively small deviancy can trigger an audit. For this same reason, make sure that you keep your receipts together and up to date.

Don’t make the mistake of assuming you can avoid declaring your worldwide income, either. If you’ve already paid tax elsewhere, chances are there will be tax credits against you, so you won’t have to be double taxed, bit you’ll still need to declare the income accurately on your return.

Other categories that often cause issues revolve around rental and secondary income. People often try to game or cheat the system by claiming a property not listed for actual rental as a rental property and thus the deductions for its upkeep. If you declare a holiday home as a rental, you’ll get caught, it’s really that simple. Don’t try and claim relatives or friends who stayed rent free were tenants either. If the property wasn’t available for the full year, then you will need to adjust the amount accordingly. Lastly, if you co-own the property, whether with a spouse or a business partner, all expenses must be split evenly between tax returns- this will be 50% unless there’s a specific ownership percentage stated otherwise. Of course, there’s nothing wrong with claiming all the legitimate deductions you can have, though.

Remember that, in the event of audit, you will need to be able to prove everything- so don’t take chances. You need to have some form or receipt or genuine log to prove the claims you make. Make your life easier by keeping organised through thee year from the start, rather than fishing around at the end of the period trying to find things. Estimates conducted by one of the banks suggested that about $500 of deductions are missed each year through losing the relevant slips- don’t miss out on money you are due legitimately returned because of losing the slip!

Take care and double check your figures when you are preparing your tax return, to prevent losing time and effort as well as potentially paying penalties for falsified or incorrect information provided on your tax return. You can get more help at too.

Unemployment is high in Alabama and so this does not make it any easier for single mothers. The unemployment alabama 2015 figures do not seem to be getting much better either and so all the single mothers should start looking on the internet to see what assistance they can get. Although being a single parent is not easy at any time, it can perhaps be made a little easier if all the programs that are available in Alabama were correctly used. Currently in Alabama, there are different programs in place that can assist single mothers in getting food stamps and some programs can even assist in school fees for the children. Today the cost of medicines and medical treatments are expensive but there are also programs available that can assist with those expenses. Finally there are programs available that could allow a single parent to get job training, leading to more income being brought into the house.

Some of these programs are specifically designed for single parents whilst others are available to anyone that qualifies by having a low annual income. I am certainly not saying that if you make the best use of all the programs that are available, life will be easy but, it should be easier than it would be without them.

Pregnant women and children under the age of 18 are eligible for Medicaid in Alabama, if they live in a household that has an income below a certain level. Obviously the actual income level depends on how many are in the household but, for an example, if a child lives in a household where there are 3 people and the combined income of those 3 people is less than $2,408, that child will be entitled to Medicaid. Medicaid can be of great use as in these circumstances it covers Doctor appointments, even pays for interpreters for the appointments is necessary. It covers Emergency room care, Dental and vision care, Prescription medications and many other aspects. Also assisting with medical problems in Alabama is the Alabama ALL Kids program which can give assistance with Immunization, Check-ups and Hospitalization for children under the age of 19 as long as they are United States citizens but does include some immigrants if qualified.

Another problem is often not being able to feed the family properly and that is where the Alabama Food Assistance Program can help. Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is a program that is trying to rid Alabama of hunger and so if you qualify, they will assist you. Obviously once again, how much assistance they can give will depend on the size of the household and what its combined income is. To qualify for this, a family of 3 would have to have a combined income which is less than $25,727 a year.
These are just some of the programs available in Alabama and they can be of great help to single parents especially considering that single parents in the state have a 45% unemployment rate.

You don’t have to carry the burden of being a single mother all on your own. If you need help, get some. Today, there are hundreds if not thousands of support groups that exist specifically to cater to the needs of mothers worldwide that’ve been divorced or widowed. Also, the government now offers different grants to single parents as well. There are now even educational institutions dedicated towards providing information to single mothers as well. Basically, if you need help being a good mother or taking care of your kid without a partner in life to depend on, you could read about the different types of help that you could avail of.

Being a single mother can be hard, especially if you don’t have a partner that can do specific roles and a guide or parent that could teach you how to take good care of your child. It’s also difficult when you don’t have a person to talk to who can give you advice when it comes to parenthood. For you to know how to raise your child upright and make sure that he or she doesn’t miss out on anything important, you could try to search the internet for parenting tips or join single parent support groups that are available. Reading parenting advice and being a member of organizations that educate single parents can provide you with useful information on how to bring up your kid correctly because these can let you know where you should have your child enrolled for schooling and how you could attend to his or her needs whenever you’re away working somewhere or simply pursuing other things in life. Doing some research and literally going to a group that can give you assistance are some things that you should really consider doing not only for your child but for yourself as well.

Sometimes, you just need to consider borrowing money for your needs when you’re a single mother because there are some things that you really have to buy for your family. If you don’t have a house yet, for example, you could find single mother home loans and apply for them. That’s so you could get the money to pay for a house in full and so that you would only have to make repayments later on rather than rent. If you’re living far away from important establishments like the grocery, school and your workplace, you could also apply for an auto loan. When you get a car, you would not only be able to get to your destination faster and better but also have an investment that could possibly save your life later on. But, although borrowing money might have its benefits, you should only do so when you have a decent job or business that lets you earn a fixed amount of income plus extras that could let you pay up fees, on a regular basis, in full and without any delay. That’s because repayments have interest and it’s unwise not to pay debt with interest because it can give you problems.

Setting up a self-managed superannuation funds can be quite challenging especially if you don’t really know how to. Once it is set-up, you should be able to find a profitable investment so that you can grow your funds for future use. One of the trends today, when it comes to smsf, is investing in properties. Most of us have already heard about using the smsf to buy a property or invest on a property by using the funds. Although some investors have really profited from this kind of investment, there are still others who didn’t.

Like any other investment, buying a property also has serious risks. There have been a lot of issues due to advisers who tell their clients to invest in certain properties. Some of these advisers are offered up to 20% on commissions and other bonuses if they get investors to buy the properties even if they are not built yet. They encourage these SMSF holders to invest in apartments that are still to be developed and are way too overpriced. When the building is completed, the tenants will move in but then the apartment value drops below what the purchase price because of some issues in the location, how the building was made and many other factors. Instead of gaining profits from the rent, the SMSF will pay for repairs and maintenance of the apartments while hoping for some tenants. Due to the high prices, tenants are less likely to rent and properties become for sale. If the property isn’t sold fast, the SMSF is due for bankruptcy.

Many financial advisers may say that buying a property is good for their SMSF but there are some of those who say this that don’t really know what they are talking about. It is a poor financial advice that a lot are getting. Nowadays, there is lots of borrowing that is already happening. SMSF trustees are supposed to go for financial professionals for advice in order for them to lessen the risk of being bankrupt or not getting any profit from their investments. The selection of a financial expert to get an advice from is crucial to the success of the investment. If you are looking for advise, go for those who have experience such as those at Also, don’t forget that what they give you are mere advices and the final decision is still up to you. As a trustee, it is your responsibility to give time to yourself in order to study what the best investments are for your funds. Don’t rush into decision of simply investing because you are also risking your future whenever you invest.

It is quite difficult to find a financial adviser because you really don’t know if you are talking to a real estate agent of another property owner. Make sure you do your research about your financial adviser. Get documents, take a look at their previous clients and make sure they are really professionals. It really helps that you keep yourself well informed about these things so you don’t become a victim.

The United States has actually experienced a great devastation when it comes to its economic standing. Years have passed and the effect of the great recession can still be felt up to these days. With the concerning effects of it, there are so many people who have become truly anguished and agonized especially when it comes to their finances. While many have lost their jobs, there are also those who still work but find it hard to make both ends meet. While these situations are quite obvious, many are becoming too concerned about what they are going to be after they have retired from their jobs. Many people are thinking if there is a way that will help them give their financial future a great sense of stability and assurance.

Opting for a Good Kind of Retirement Plan in the US

In the country, it is very obvious to see countless and various kinds of retirement plans and accounts offered to employees and self-employed individuals. As a matter of fact, many people take their time to get hold of a particular account because by doing so, they will be given the assurance that they can have the financial security even when they are already retired from their jobs. Applying or enrolling yourself to an Individual Retirement Account or IRA is simply a very reliable kind of retirement plan. Why? It is because this helps every individual secure his money by way of investing it on a particular business. And when it comes to Individual Retirement Accounts, gold in an IRA is definitely one of the best.

Gold in an IRA Advice: Why Opt for This Kind of Retirement Plan?

With the overwhelming lineup of IRA and other retirement plans, it is for certain that putting or investing your money on a valuable commodity is something that will give you full financial assurance in the process. Take into account the kind of commodity which is known as gold, a kind of precious metal which has been enjoyed by generations to generations in terms of its value. Gold is a precious metal which is known to have a very stable strength and scalability in the market through the years and up to the present days. So this simply means that even when the country is still facing the bad effects of economic distress and recessions, the value of gold remains to be something reliable. This means that you will have the chance to make profits and gains no matter what happens to the economy of the country and of the world.

gold in an ira advice Gold in an IRA advice is something that you need to come up with these days especially when you are doubtful about what way should you go especially when it comes to investing your money as a way to prepare and secure for your finances in the future. For you to have the proper guidance as to how you can get started properly and effectively, take the time visit Gold IRA Investor today!

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